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How to Save Money on your Phone

Most of us have a mobile phone and pay out money for it and on it. We might have bought the phone and then use pay as you go to top it up with credit when we need it. We might have a contract which gives us extra calls, texts and data because we pay in regularly and the contract may even include a phone of some sort. All of these cost money and a lot of us end up paying a lot more money than we need to. There are lots of possible reasons why we may end up paying too much, but below are a few possibilities.

Have a Phone in a Contract Which is Cheaper to Buy Alone

It is well worth checking out whether you are paying too much for your contract because it includes a phone. You will sometimes find that there is a phone included in a contract and this could seem really good. However, you need to work out whether it is really as good as it seems. It could be that you could get a similar contract without the phone included for significantly less money. Of course, you will then potentially have to buy a phone, if you do not have one already. However, you could possibly save up or even get a loan for as little as £100 which could be cheaper than buying it through a contract. It is worth doing some research and some calculations to find out.

Use Data Unnecessarily When it Could be Free

Many people will use their phone for Internet use a lot and they may be charged for this. If they wait until they are in an area where there is free broadband, then this will save them money. If you do it because you have it as part of your contract, then consider that you could get a cheaper contract with less data, if you tried harder to only use minimal data or free data.

There are lots of ways to save money on mobile phones.

Use Lots of Calls When a Landline Could be Cheaper

Many people will use their phone a lot to make phone calls. This can cost a lot of money and so it can be worth thinking about whether it is better to get a landline to make them. You can often get a landline to include the cost of calls and so that could work out to be a lot cheaper. It is worth calculating this though and also thinking about whether you will be happy to wait until you are at home to make the calls that you need to make.

Send Lots of Texts When a Call Could be Quicker

If you pay for texts then you should watch out as to how many you are sending. It can often be the case that you will send texts back and forth and spend quite a bit of money on a conversation when actually it could have been cheaper to call and quickly discuss it. So make sure that you are aware of the costs and whether you are paying more than necessary by sending too many texts.

Buy the Latest Phone

It is always tempting to get the latest phone. You might want to keep up with your friends or be ahead of the game with the newest one. It might be that it has a new feature that you want to try out or something like this. However, always keeping ahead like this is really expensive so you need to be careful that you are not spending more money than you can afford.

Not with the Cheapest Provider

It is also wise to make sure that you check the prices across different providers. You may feel loyal to one, but you could end up paying lots of money for your loyalty and you should therefore check and make sure that you are not paying more than you need to be and decide whether it could be worth swapping.